(Version #4 – May 12, 2014)





B.1.01     a)   TheEOSBAshallacceptTeamMembershipapplicationsfrommember associationsonlyinthe age classifications as approved by SOBA (The Select Ontario Baseball Association), subjecttothetermsandconditionslaiddownherein. For clarity purposes for the 2014 playing year these classifications are as follows:


Rookie Ball:  Born in 2005 or earlier

Mosquito (Tyke): Born in 2003 or 2004

Peewee: Born in 2001 or 2002

Bantam:  Born in 1999 or 2000

Midget: Born in 1996, 1997 or 1998


Where the participating local member association permits, players will be allowed to play up at all levels.




B.2.0IApplicationsforteamentrieswillbeacceptedfrom participating member associationsonly.




B.3.0IAnyplayerwishingtoplayforateamunderthejurisdictionoftheEOSBAmustcompletetheregistrationform providedbythe participating member association thatisfieldingtheteaminquestion.   Proofofagemustbeprovided, if requested.



a)     ProvincialbirthcertificationorOntario noticeofbirthregistration. 

b)     Quebecbaptismalcertification(uptoDec.31,1993)

c)     Photo&birthidentificationcardsissuedbytheGovernmentofCanadatoimmigrantchildren

d)       An English language official  birth certificate signedby authorities of foreign countries, town clerks,etc.

e)      Translationsof foreign countriesbirthregistrationinformationsignedandsealedofficially

f)      Translationsofbirthhospitalofficialcertificationofdateofbirth(countriesoutsideCanada)

g)     AnOntariodriver'slicense. 

h)     Passport.


B.3.03 A"perteam"registrationfeeshallbedeterminedannuallybytheEOSBAExecutive.Thisfeeshallbesubmitted to the EOSBA Treasurer by the EOSBA team scheduling meeting for the currentplayingyear (or April 30th of the current playing year if no scheduling meeting is being conducted)..Apenaltyof$100.00willbeassessed toanAssociationwhich exceeds thisdeadline.Thisfeeisnon-refundableoncefinalschedulesarecompleted.


B.3.04Allplayersmust either live within the boundaries of the participating member association or play on a house league team within the participating member association’s territorial boundaries, unless approved by the EOSBA executive.


B.3.05CompletelistsforallteamsshallbesubmittedtotheEOSBARegistrarbyMay30thoftheplayingseason.  PENALTY:Failuretocomplywillresultina$200finetothe Member associationAcompleteteamlistshallcontaintheplayer'snameandyearofbirth.   Registrationinformationmustbe submittedintheapprovedEOSBAelectronicprogram. Aswell,ifanAssociationdoesnotprovideregistrationintherequiredelectronicformat,theEOSBARegistrar willarrangetohaveplayers'informationenteredandthecostwillbecharged backtotheassociation.


B.3.06Thefinaldateforverificationand/oramendmentstoteamlistsshall bethedayscheduledfortheJuneEOSBA meeting (or June 30TH if no June EOSBA meeting takes place.)Ifanon-verifiedplayercontinuestoparticipateinanyregularseasongameorplay-offgameafter June30th, thegame(s)shallbeforfeitedtotheopposition.TheEOSBAregistrarshallprovideaformal list ofall teams,bydivision,tothepresidentandassociationsattheJulyEOSBAmeeting.




B.4.01Aplayercanonly beregisteredononeEOSBAteam and may only play for the EOSBA team on which the player is registered, except when the player is playing as a call-up for a higher age level (see rule 5.07).


B.4.02 An EOSBA registered player shall not play withanyteam which isnot under thejurisdiction ofthe EOSBAwithout thewritten permission oftheEOSBAExecutive.





B.5.01 Ateam which hasnotcomplied withtheregistration regulations shallberuled ineligible for EOSBA league orplayoff games.



a.)  Any team which cannot start, and thus defaults, four (4) games durinthe regular season shall bremoved from the league. Ifthis occursall games involving that team shall be discounted from the standings. Games defaulted because oflackofumpires shallnotbeincluded inthefour(4)gametotal.

b.) The Executive mayreject ateam entry orcancel ateam's registration atanytime itisconsidered bythe Executive tobeinthebestinterest oftheEOSBA. 


B. 5.03 


  1. a.) Team Rosters: The number ofregistered  players onateam roster shall beaminimum ofnine (9) and amaximum of eighteen (18). Exception:  Rookie Ball shall have aminimum of ten  (10) and amaximum ofeighteen (18) registered players onateam roster.
  2. b.) Teams  participatinginleaguegamesshallplayonlythoseplayerswhoseregistrationshave  been approvedbytheEOSBARegistrar. Inthecaseofaplayerbeingcalledup,acopyofthatplayer'sapprovedregistrationneednotbe producedatthegame,buttheopposingcoachmayrequestverificationfromtheleague.Thisrequest mustberecordedontheofficialscoresheet, dulysignedbytheumpire.
  3. c.) FailuretocomplywiththisBy-Lawleavestheoffendingteamopentoprotestofthegamebythe opposingteamsubjecttoa penaltyofforfeitofthegame.




B.5.04Anyteamfoundguiltyofusinga playerwhoisineligibleundertheConstitution,By-LawsorLeagueplaying rulesissubjecttoreviewbytheDiscipline&ProtestCommitteewhowilldeterminepenaltiestobeimposeduptoand includinggameforfeituresand/orsuspensions.  It isthe responsibility of the teammanager andcoaches, as well as the member association, toensurethat onlyeligibleplayersparticipate.




a) Playersfromalowerseriesteammaycompeteinahigherseriesforthesameareaassociationas outlined hereafterwiththepriorconsentofthecoachormanagerofthelowerseriesteamprovidedthat thecoachormanagerofthehigherteamcannotfieldateamofatleastnine(9)players.  Whenmore thannine(9)players arepresentatthegame,includingcalled-upplayers,acalled-upplayermaynot takeadefensivepositionpriortothethirdinning,unlessaregularplayerisdisqualifiedby someaction orinjury.PlayerscalledupareNOTallowedtopitchandshallbedesignatedasPlayerCalledUp(PCU) onthebattingorder.


b) Numberofplayerscalledup fromalowerseriesfor any one EOSBA loop gameislimitedtofour.


c) Aplayershallnotsubstituteinanysinglehigherseriesformorethan four EOSBA regular season and playoff loopgamesper seasonPENALTY:2gamesuspensionforhigherdivisioncoach.


d) Allcall-upsmustnotexceedtheagerequirementforthelevelforwhichtheywillplay.


f) SubstitutionofplayersforEOSBAgamesisrestrictedtothesame participating Association’sEOSBAregistered players from the immediately lower age group or from the house league of the same age group within the participating association.


B.5.08 Team Conduct


Continued,   prolonged  or chronic  harassment   of officials/opposing    team   members,  or conduct  considered detrimental  tothe best interests ofthe EOSBA by ateam, player, coach or manager  before, during or  after a gameshall subject the offender(s)  to  forfeiture  ofthe game and further penalty asdeemed necessary bythEOSBA Executive and/or the EOSBA Discipline & Protest Committee.




B.6.01   Team managers and/or coaches shallbeappointed  bythe participating member associations, who shallsubmit tothe EOSBA  Registrar   before the season starts the names andtelephone  numbers ofallmanagers  andcoacheofeach team entered intherespective  series.

B.6.02  Team managers and/or coaches areresponsible fortheaction & conduct oftheir players andspectators before, during & after games and shall comply with the provisions ofthe EOSBA Constitution and playing rules.



B.6.03 Team managers and/or coaches shall beresponsible forthecompletion and signing ofnotification ofprotesttogether withthePlate Umpire.


B.6.04 team   manager/coach   or official  may be censured,  suspended  or expelled  from thEOSBA by the Discipline  and Protest  Committee  and/or  the EOSBA Executive,  if, in  the opinion  of the aforementioned,   hiactions,  omissions  or conduct  is  prejudicial    to the EOSBAor any team, player or gamofficialwithin thjurisdiction  ofthe EOSBA.



B.6.05 The  team manager/coach  ofbothteams mustreport game score, ejections,  protests and PCU(player called-up) totheEOSBA Convenor within 24hours ofthescheduled game  start.When  reporting  an ejection,  the team   manager/coach   of any team   whose  player,  coach  or manager  waejected shall provide the following   information  tothe Convenor within 24hours ofthegame’s completion: name ofthe offender;  name ofthe team; the division  (i.e., MosquitoPeeWee, etc.); name ofthe participating member association;  the nature ofthe offence;   the name ofthe umpire who made the ejection;  and the date ofthoffencePENALTY:  One(I)game  suspension (Refer B7.01 d).


B.6.06The  team manager and/or coach ofeach team shall have the umpire(s) signtheir names onthe scorebook at theplate before thestartofthegame. The umpire(s) mustalsoprint their names above the signature. 


B.6.07 Team managers and/or coaches areresponsible  for:

a) appointing scorekeepers foreachgame whoshallkeeptrack oftheouts,runsscored andallpitchers and pitching changes. Thehometeam istheofficial scorekeeper.


b) providing players' &coaches' firstandlastnames,jersey numbers andPCU's (ifapplicable)  whenfilling outthebatting order.


c) batboysbeingaregistered player oftheteamoracoach/manager oftheteam.




B. 7.01  Unlesspecified  within thBy-Laws  ofthe EOSBAplayinrules for all scheduled  games within thEOSBA shall bethe"Official Rules  ofBaseball", except where such rules have been amended by SOBA and/or the EOSBA..  


B. 7.02 Uniforms: Allteam personnelplayersmanagerscoaches andassistant coaches must beincompletbaseball uniform. NOTECompletbaseball uniform shallconsist of the uniform as provided by the participating member’s association. Allplayers mustwearaprotective cup.


An EOSBA patch/crest, if provided, istobe sewn oneither sleeve (the choice ofsleeve to beconsistent throughout thteam)Inthe case of auniform with separate vest worn over an undershirtthe crest isto be sewn onthappropriate sleevofthe undershirt. All team members,  including coaches, must bedressed inthe identical uniform -i.e.,vestonoroff.


Any player, managercoach or assistant coach not conforming to the foregoinuniform standards  shall bleviedapenalty. PENALTY:A$25finewillbelevied tothe participating member association foreach violation.


B. 7.0Helmets:


The batter shall wear the same double ear-flapped protective helmet while on deck, at bat or running thbases. Thhelmet may nobremoved until the batter isretired or scores arun or atthe completion of ahalf-inning. Should the batter/runner remove the helmet while advancing or returning to abase, he shall be declared out. Batting helmets must be secured with the chin strap  in its proper place (under the chin) while the player is on deck, at bat and while running the bases.    (CHIN STRAPS OPTIONAL ATBANTAM DIVISION &UP)


B. 7.04 Catcher's  Equipment:


The catcher shallwear aprotective helmet, aprotective cup & anapproved throat protector attached to all masks, excluding goalie typemasks, inaddition tohisnormal equipment while athisdefensive position.



B. 7.05 Bases:


It shall be the responsibility of the home team (as designated in the schedule) to ensure that bases & pitching rubber arepositioned correctly atleastfive minutes before the scheduled starting time. Ifthe bases& pitching rubber arenot on hand after 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time, the game shall beforfeited bythehome team and awarded tothe visiting team provided the visiting team has nine(9)qualified players present atthegame.


Thedistance fromthebackpoint ofhome platetothefront of the bases & pitching rubber shall be as follows:


The pitcher's rubber shallbe: 


MOSQUITO  =forty-four (44-)feet

PEEWEE =fifty(50)feet

BANTAM  =fifty-five (55)feet

MIDGET/JUNIOR =sixty feetsixinches (60'6")


Theoutside distance between bases shallbe:

MOSQUITO =sixty-five (65) feet.

PEEWE=, seventy-five  (75)feet

BANTAM  =ninety (90)feet

MIDGET/JUNIOR   =ninety (90)feet


B. 7.06 Game balls:


Itshall bethe responsibility ofthe home team to provide onenew game ball and one good used ball ofthe design andsizespecified bythe participating member association, unless otherwise specified by EOSBA. The hometeamshallalsosupply additional good usedballs asnecessary.


If necessary, theofficial game  ballforeachseries maybeapproved bytheEOSBA onanannual basis. 


B. 7.07 General Rules of Play


aTimepermitting,eachplayerpresentatthegamemustplayinthefield,unlessinjured,atleast two(2)inningsof thefirstfour(4)innings.(PENALTY-Two(2)gamesuspensionforthe offendingcoach.)


b)  Substitution isallowed only atthe end ofaninning except inthe case ofaninjury orpitching change. 


c)  Any player leaving the field due toaninjury must remain out ofthegame forat least acomplete  defensive inning before re-entering the game inadefensive position. Ifaplayer isunable totake hisnext turn atbatafter having been removed from thefield duetoaninjury, heshall beremoved fromthe line-up andremoved from further play inthe game (this isnotanout nor isitconsidered  batting out ofturn)Abatter taking his turn atbat may not have apinch runner unless injured inaplay during this  turn asabatter/runner.  Apinch runner willbethelastrecorded out(Nopinch runner forcatchers unless injured).


d) Both teams shall exchange batting orders consisting of a roster of eligible players and coaches present, priortothestartofthegame. Alleligibleplayerspresentatthegameshallbelistedontheteam'sbattingorderasdesiredbythe coachormanagerandbatinthatorder.


e) Scorebooks shall include the players' and coaches' full names andjersey numbers. Any player called upfrom alower series must bedesignated onthe scorebook as a "player called up" or a "PUC".


f) Appointed scorekeepers are to check for properly completed batting orders. The game does  not commence untilthebatting orders aredoneproperly.


g) Eligible players arriving latemaybeadded to bottom of theroster upto but not after thetime the lead of batter bats for a second time, unless agreed upon by the opposing team manager. The manager and/or coaches arriving late shall also beadded tothe scorebooks.  The opposing team shallbeadvised ofalllatearrivals immediately.


h)     Baseball Shoes:

Use ofbaseball  shoes equipped with metal spikes ormetal cleats isprohibited  atMosquito &Pee Wee. Use  ofbaseball shoes equipped withmetal spikes ormetal cleats ispermitted  atBantam, Midget and Junior.


i)    Bats:

Thedrop3(orminus 3lengthtoweight differential)  batrulewillapply  attheMidget level. The drop 5 (or minus 5 length to weight differential) bat rule will apply at the Bantam level. 


B. 7.08 Forfeits:


Ateam which does nothave nine eligible players (10 in Rookie Ball) present within 15 minutes afterthescheduled starting time ofthegame shall defaultand forfeit thegame. The  forfeit istoberecorded as 6-0 or 7-0depending uponthenumber ofinnings scheduled tobeplayedIfbothteams areinaposition to forfeitthen bothteams shallbecharged withaloss and no points shall be  awarded. The official time shall bedetermined bythehome plate umpire.


If a game isforfeited due to lack of players, theteams may elect to play a minimum of 3innings orone & 1/2hours. Theassigned umpires aretoofficiate thegame.


B. 7.09 Home Team Manager's and/or coach's responsibilities reWeather Conditions:


a) Ifthe home team manager  and/or coach considers  agame cannot beplayed due toweather conditions making the field unplayable,  he must advise the visiting team's  coach and/or manager  at least one (I) hour prior tothe scheduled  starting time. Failure to  advise the visiting team's  coach inadvance ofthe game shallmeanthatbothteams areexpected toappear attheballpark prepared toplay.


b) Up to the scheduled starting time of the game, the home team manager and/or coach has the responsibility todetermine ifweather conditions prohibit playing thegame. Normal procedures  follow afterthescheduled  starttimes.


c) The home team shall forfeit the game ifno qualified umpire(s) arrive within the 15minute grace period.


d) The  manager(s) and/or coaches from both teams shall check the timetodeterrninethestart ofthegrace period. [If the umpire ispresent, then anyteam which does nothave nine(9)players present shallforfeit thegame regardless oftheweather conditions.



e) If the game is cancelled, then the home team manager and/or coach shall inform the umpire-in-chief for the participating member and hisEOSBA Series Convenor assoon aspossible. 


f)The home team manager and/or coach shall beresponsible forrescheduling anycancelled home games, including securing adiamond and umpires through the home team's local association. The selection of a time and date for the rescheduled game shall bedetermined inconsultation with the visiting team manager and/or coach in order toavoid scheduling conflicts.   The game may berescheduled for any date prior tothe end ofthe regular season, but the determination of that date must be settled, and the Convenor must be advised as to where and when the rescheduled game isto beplayed, within fourteen (14) days of the date of the cancelled game.



B. 7.10   Rescheduling  ofGames:


  1. a) Anyteam wishing to re-schedule games (e.g., inorder to attend tournaments) may play their games prior tothe scheduled date ofthe EOSBA game (with the agreement of the  opposing manager and/or coach) and the EOSBA Series Convenor.  The homteam manager    and/or coachmust arrange for umpires for the re-scheduled game.


b) The  president (or designate) of a member association may, with the agreement    of the president (or designate) oftheother member association and the EOSBA SerieConvenor,  agree toreschedule  EOSBA games.


B. 7.11 Umpires:


a) Ifthehome team cannot provide aminimum ofonequalified umpire for the current year within fifteen (I5)minutes after the scheduled start time, the game shall be forfeited tothevisiting team.


b) At themeeting at home plateprior tothestartofthegame,thevisiting team coach/manager  mayrequest theumpires toproduce either anOBA  Umpire Card forthecurrent year. Failure toproduce the card byat least  one (I) umpire present shall not stop the game from being played. The visiting team coach shall register aprotest prior tothe start ofthe game bynoting this onboth teams'  score sheets. The coach of  each team and the plate umpire shall sign both score sheets.  Within 48 hours of the conclusion  ofthe game, the coach of  the visiting team shall contact  the EOSBA Umpire-in-Chief   and advise him of  the names of the umpires   who officiated  the game. The EOSBA Umpire-in-Chief   shall consult his list of approved  umpires  and confirm  to the protesting  coach ifeither of  the umpires  is carded forthecurrent playing season.


c)   Ifitisfound that neither umpire iscarded, acopy ofthe game score sheet shall be forwarded  to the EOSBA Series Convenor who shall advise thehome team ofreceipt ofsame,thatthegame isaforfeit. If itisfoundthatone(I)oftheumpires iscarded, thenthegameresult shallstand.


d) Umpires shall only be scheduled  to officiate   atgames upto one level below his playing age. (i.e., a Bantam age player may only umpire upto  and including the Pee Wee division.) PENALTY: A $25 finewillbeleviedtothe participating member association  foreachviolation.


e) Umpires are notto umpire games where they are related to aplayer or to any ofthe coaching  staff. PENALTY: A$25finewillbelevied tothe participating member association foreachviolation.


f) Umpires shall beproperly dressed in the shirt, pants, and hat issued by their local association.  PENALTY: Suspension untiltheumpire complies. The localAssociation UICtobeadvised.


g) BOTH umpires tosign &printtheirnames on bothscorebooks atthestartofthegame. 


B. 7.12   Length of Games, Mercy Rules and the Impact of Curfews  and/orDarkness:


a) Unless otherwise indicated all games shall be seven innings.  In the case of a tie, extra innings will be played if curfew and/or light permits. 


b) The curfew for all games will be as follows: no new inning may be commenced after 1 hour and 45 minutes has elapsed from the scheduled start time of the game. In the event that a game is being followed immediately after by another game, then no new inning may commence after the earlier of 1 hour and 45 minutes has elapsed from the scheduled start time of the new game OR 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the next game.  Additionally in the event that a game is being played “under the lights” and there is a scheduled time in which the lights are turned off, then no new inning may commence after 15 minutes prior to the scheduled “turn off” time for the lights. In the event that a game is terminated due to curfew and the inning has not been completed, then the final score will be the score at the time of completion of the last full inning.


c) game will be considered complete if adifferential of 10 runs or more exists after five (5) full innings (orafter 412innings ifthe  home team isahead), OR atleast 1 and ½ hours has elapsedfrom the scheduled  starting  time. The plate umpire  shall terminate  the game at  that point and the score shall be recorded assuch.



B.  7.13 MosquitoSpecial Playing Rules


a) The game shallbe sixinnings for Mosquito. In the caseofatie,extrainnings willbeplayed, subject to curfew and if light permits.


b) Ineach ofthefirstfour(4)innings, theoffensive team's time atbatshall endwhen ithas scored five (5)runsorifthree (3)outshavebeen made. Inallsubsequent innings including extra innings, there is nolimitonruns scored andtheoffensive team's timeatbatendswhenthree (3)outshavebeenmade.


c) No leaoffs. Base runner(s) shallnot leave abase until the pitched ball leaves the pitcher's  hand. PenaltyRunnerisoutandtheball  isdead immediately  when therunner leaves thebase. 




B. 8.01  A pitchermaynotpitchmorethanthefollowinglimitsinacalendarday.    Ifthelimitis reachedwhilefacingabatter(withacount),thepitchermaypitchtotheearlierof:(i)thecompletionof that batteror(ii)theendoftheinning.

Mosquito – 70 pitches 

Peewee – 80 pitches

Bantam – 90 pitches


Midget & Junior– 100 pitches


B. 8.02 If apitcher throws morethanthe following limits ina calendar day,he/shcannotpitch the next day-theplayermusthave2nights'rest.

Mosquito – 45 pitches

Peewee – 55 pitches

Bantam – 65 pitches

Midget & Junior – 75 pitches


B. 8.03 AttheMosquitodivisionlevel,balksarenottobecalled.Should pitchersbalk(e.g,doublesetornotpause), umpireswillindicatesuchinfractionstothecoachbetweeninnings.    InthePeeWeedivision,umpires willcallbalksonapitcheronlyafterthatpitcherhasbeenwarnedofaninfractionandanexplanationhas been giventothatpitcher bytheumpire.  Theballisconsidereda deadball wherethefirstbalkwarningis given.NobalkwarningswillbeissuedatBantam,MidgetandJuniordivisions.Ifabalkiscalled,butthe pitcherthrowstheball,it willcountasapitchthrown,evenifitisnotcountedasapitchforball/strike purposes.



B. 8.04 Theofficialscorekeepershalldesignatetheofficialpitchcount recorder.Theofficialpitchcount recorder shallinformthehome plateumpirewhena pitcherhasdeliveredhis/herlimitofpitchesforthegame.The homeplateumpirewillthennotifythepitcher'smanagerthat thepitchermustberemoved.

NOTE: Itis the responsibility of the manager to remove pitcher when thapitcher is no longereligible,even ifthepitchcountrecorderandlortheumpirefailtonotifythemanager.


B.  8.05Ifateamhasnoremainingplayerseligibletopitchinagame,theopposingcoachmaydesignatea playerwhohas notyetpitchedinthegame. Thispitcher maynotthrowmorethan30pitches.


B. 8.06 Illegalpitchingpenalty:   Anyinfractionofthepitchingrulesshallresultintheforfeitureofthegameby theoffendingteamswellasa CoachejectionandanautomaticIgamesuspension.


B. 8.07    

(i)  AtMosquito, Pee WeeandBantam, apitcher maynotpitch on3consecutive  days. 

(ii) AtMidget, pitchers maynotpitch on3consecutive calendar daysunless:

1.   thepitcher threw 30pitches orlessoneach ofthefirsttwo  days.

2.   themaximum number ofpitches which maybethrown onthethird dayis50. 

(iii)  AtJunior, there isno restrictiononpitcherspitchingon 3consecutivecalendardays.


B. 8.08  AtMosquitoandPeeWee,aplayermaynotbeapitcheranda catcherinthesame game.


B. 8.09  Regarding coach’s trips to the mound to visit the pitcher, the following shall apply:

a) IntheMosquito division the number of trips to the mound shallbeunlimited. 

b) In the Peewee division a third trip to the mound shall result in the pitcher’s automatic removal from the pitching position.

c) In all other divisions shallbelimited totwo trips asperthe Rules ofBaseball. Theplateumpire willdecide if ateam isintentionally  delaying thegame


B. 8.10 At all age levels a pitcher once removed from the pitching position may not return to pitch again in that game.


B 8.11 Anyperson warming upapitcher atanylevel, shallwear aprotective   facemask while catching.




B.9.01a) Standings for league play shall be maintained on the basis of 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.  Note that if a game is not played prior to 24 hours before the scheduled first play-off game, that game shall be deemed as a double forfeit and no points will be awarded to either team.


B.9.01b) In the event of a tie in the standings, the final standing position shall be decided by awarding the higher position to:


I.   Theteam withthebestwon-lost record overtheseason between thetwoteams.

2.      Ifstilltied,theteam withthehighest ratio of total runsscored inthegames between thetwoteams divided by the total runs allowed in the games between the two teams. 

3.    Ifstilltiedbythetossofacoinwiththewinner taking thehigher playoff position.

4.     If3ormoreteams aretied,thefollowing shalldetermine theirplacing:

i)    Team withthemost wins

ii)    Team withthehighest ratio of total runsscored in all regular season games played divided by the total runs allowed in all regular season games.

iii)   Draw  theteams fromahat





To follow at a later date.







To follow at a later date.












The following rules apply specifically to the Rookie Ball division in addition to the other rules stated above:


Priortothestartofeachgame,aplayerline-up(maximum18players)withsweaternumbersand surnameslistedmustbeprovidedtothescorekeeper.Thefirsttenbattersmustalsoplaya defensive positioninthefirstinning,theadditionalplayerbeinganoutfielder.(PENALTY: HEADCOACHIS EJECTED).


RK1    Rookie BallPitching  Rules:


RK.1.1 Acircle;eight(8)footin diameterwithitscentreat44feetfromhomeplate,willsurroundthe pitchingmachine.Thepitchermuststandbesidethepitchingmachineoutsidethesafetycircle andbehindthereleasepointofthepitchingmachine.Linesshallbedrawnfromtherelease pointto4ft.beyondthecircle.Thepitchermusthavebothfeetonthewhitelineorwithin 4ft behind theline untiltheballisreleasedfromthemachine.


RK.1.2 Themachinespeedwillbesetat40mph.Acoachwilloperatethemachine.Aregulation baseballapprovedforMosquitollTyke willbeused.


RK.1.3 Ifabattedballhitsthemachine,theballisdead;thebatterisawardedfirstbaseandanybase runnerismovedwhoisforcedtoadvancebythebatterbeingawardedfirstbase.


RK.1.4 Thepitchermuststandbesideorbehindthepitchingmachineoutsidethesafetycircle.The pitchermustweararegulationbattinghelmetdesignedbythemanufacturerwithafacemask andchinstrapattachedtoprotectfromanerrantballthathitsthemachine.


RK.1.5 Eachbatterwillreceiveamaximumof5pitches.Ifthebatterdoesnothitafairballwithinfive pitches,hewillbedeclaredout.Ifthebatterhastwostrikesandmissesthethirdstrikehewill

bedeclaredout.Afoultipwithtwostrikeswillbeathirdstrikeiftheballiscaughtandthebatter willbedeclaredout.


RK.1.6 Astrikeisapitchwhichthebatterswingsatandmissesorisafoulball.Therearenocalled strikes.


RK.1.7 Apitchwhichisoverthebatter'sheadorbouncesinthedirtwillberuleda'nopitch'unlessthe batterswingsatthepitch.


RK.1.8  Batterscannotobtainabaseonballs.


RK.1.9 Tostop defensive  play,anyinfielderwhohascontroloftheballandisstandingwithinthe understoodboundariesoftheinfield,canaskfortimetobecalled. Note: Theballdoesnot havetogobacktothepitcherbeforeaninfieldmayaskfortime. Timewillbegrantedatthe umpire'sdiscretion&maynotbegrantedifa"baseballplay"isstillunderway.









RK.2      RookieBallPlay:


RK.2.1 Allplayerspresentshallbelistedontheteam'sbattingline-upandshallbatin thatorder.Any playerarrivinglatemaybeaddedtothebottomofthebattingorder,providedtheirteamhasnot completedonerotationthroughthebattingorderorthegamehascompletedtwoinnings. (PENALTY-COACH/MANAGER  SUSPENDED FORREMINDEROFGAMEPLUSNEXT GAME).


RK.2.2 Agameforfeitwillbedeclaredandascoreof7-0willberecordedifateamisunabletofielda teamof9playersatthescheduledstartingtime,oratanypointduringthegame.


RK.2.3   Buntingisnotpermitted(PENALTY-BATTERISOUT). 

RK.2.4   Stealingisnotpermitted.(PE~J.ALTY-RUNNERIS OUT).

RK.2.5   Runnersmaynotlead-offuntiltheballishit.(PENALTY-RUNNERISOUT).


RK.2.6   Baserunnersmayonlyadvanceonaballwhichishitinfairterritoryorafoulballcaughtinplay.

Usualrulesapplyabouttaggingupbeforeadvancingandattheirownriskwouldapplyto caughtfoulballs.Baserunnersmaynotadvanceonapassedballorapitchedballreturnedto thepitcherbythecatcher.


RK.2.7 Aninningwillendwhenthreeoutsaremade. RK.2.8 Theinfieldflyruledoesnotapply.

RK.2.9   Allcatchersarerequiredtowearfullcatcher'sequipmentduringthegameandduringwarm­



RK.2.10 Adefensivecoachmaycalloneinfieldconferenceperinning.


RK.2.11 MERCY: Ifthehometeamisaheadby15ormorerunsafterthreeandahalfinnings, orat anytime beyond this point, the hometeamwill be declared thewinner. Ifthevisitingteam is aheadby 15ormorerunsafterfourormorecompleteinnings,thevisitingteamwillbedeclared thewinner.


RK.2.12 Noplayermayenterthecirclesurrounding thepitchingmachine inanattempttofield the ball. Thiswillbeadeadballandallrunners &includingthebatter runnerwillbeawardedone base.


RK.2.13 Thecoachoperatingthepitchingmachinemayinstructthebatterbeforefeedingthemachine, butshallnotinstruct  runnersduringtheplay.  Penalty:thecoachshallbewarned. Iftheaction continues,thecoachwillberemovedfromthegame.